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My excellent solar adventure #2

I’ve started the search for a company that installs solar panels and solar thermal systems. One of my personal criterias is a NYSERDA approved operator. The benefit of using an NYSERDA approved installer is that you don’t need to deal with all the paper work involved in getting approvals and some of the tax benefits involved. I have heard that non-NYSERDA companies sometimes offer a lower price but less service.
Also note that NYSERDA is not guaranteeing the quality of work. To be a NYSERDA approved installer, one needs to fill out the required application and submit the necessary certifications. I’ll be back with the results of my initial search for an installer.


My excellent solar adventure

In the spirit of environmental sustainability, I have been thinking about putting solar panels on my home. Now, to do this, you need some upfront cash and a willingness to stay in your home for a while – nobody wants to outfit their electricity use from renewable resources and then move!
Well I’ve come to the conclusion that despite the 30 minute commute, my husband and I will be staying in Princetown, NY for several reasons. 1. We’re closer to family than if in Albany, 2. Our daughter loves her school and 3. Our place has beautiful scenery and room enough for all of our animals. So, now that we’ve established that truth, it’s time to see what’s out there in alternative energy.
My first step is to contact some solar companies to see what kinds of products they have and the associated cost. Wish me luck!