My excellent solar adventure #3

I’ve called a few companies to get quotes on a solar panel system. It’s a challenge as there are surprisingly a lot of choices and it’s hard to know who to contact. I picked some larger names that I had heard of before and knew people who had used their services and a couple of smaller businesses. Of the smaller ones, one had its number disconnected and the other did not particpate as a NYSERDA approved installer so I moved onto the more established ones. I called each of them and made appointments with two. One of the more prominent installers, that sometimes offers a coupon in the Sunday paper for a free consult, called me back but despite returning their calls twice, I did not hear back from them. As a result, I will have two installers coming to my house and taking a look to see if it is a candidate for solar panels. Each one is charging an initial consulting fee of approximately $100. So while it’s good to shop around, it can get costly.


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