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We can’t leave the spring semester behind without recognizing those that won awards at the Residential Life  Learning Outcomes showcase.  Council chairs Bill Valleau and Karina Cuenca won silver in the displaying life skills category for their program “Spring into Wellness Fair”.  Chair Brad Machado won gold in the work to overcome challenges category for his program “Facing your Worst Fears” .

The awards for contributing to a sustainable environment went to: Jessica Wood, bronze for “Tape it Up”, Zhong Linbin, silver for “-78 degrees Celsius” and Racquel Eustache, gold for “Green House on the Apartments”.

Congrats to all.


Summer Vacation

Summer is a time for planning, catching up on work and researching in the sustainability office. Not that exciting but some of the sustainability council members are having a much more exciting summer.
Jonny Puglia, chair of the Dutch Council, was accepts for the week long camp for Environmental Protection at George Washington University. He is learning on how to better unite groups on campus through networking to promote sustainability awareness.
Jeremy Grunstra, chair of the State council, landed a gig with Reverb selling carbon offsets at the Dave Matthews Band concert in Bethel Woods.