The Energy Campaign Part 1: Office Storming

Recently those of us working with Mary Ellen in the Office of Environmental Sustainability here at UAlbany have been given the task of “Office Storming”. This is similar to the more common “dorm storm” but rather focuses on the offices on the Academic Podium. Basically all we were tasked with was handing out flyers about the ongoing Energy Campaign to the offices in buildings on the Podium. We were each given a section of buildings and a stack of flyers to hand out. I was assigned the Education, Humanities, and Social Science buildings.  It was an interesting experience, as I usually only endeavor into the History Department Offices, and I got to see many offices I’ve never had a reason to visit before.

Ultimately, the goal of our office storming is to bring about awareness among professors and other members of the faculty and staff about not only the energy campaign but also how they can individually impact the electricity usage on the Podium, which has a much larger carbon footprint than the dormitories on campus. Part 2 of the Energy Campaign is Dorm Storming, when Sustainability Council members will be replacing incandescent light bulbs with CFLs and informing students of ways they can save electricity in the dorms. After all, 90% of the energy used in the dorms is controlled by the end-user, so this can be a huge step to reducing our energy usage and our carbon footprint.

– Jeremy Grunstra


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