Global Work party

Yes, the rain has gone and our raingarden will be installed on Monday.  This upcoming week we will see the return of the Farmer’s Market on Thursday and a larger Farmer’s Market at the Fall festival on Saturday.

Sunday marks the Global Work party.  Last year, Bill Mckibben, a well known environmentalist, encouraged citizens all around the world to organize climate change rallies.  The centerpiece was a number: 350.  This is the desired goal of carbon parts per million in the atmosphere to avoid upsetting the Earth’s natural balance.  Currently we are at 390 parts per million.  The idea was to challenge our political leaders to take action in advance of the climate change negotiations in Copenhagen.

This year Bill is challenging us to take action in an worldwide Global Work party.  All across the planet, there are a variety of activities designed to reduce our carbon footprint.  With little to no action on the government level addressing carbon reductions, it is up to citizens to take the lead and show our ability to influence our earth’s climate. You can check out all the events, including UAlbany’s, at

At the University, our students will be going out to distribute energy efficient lights bulbs and educate their peers on the benefits of reducing electricity and the large amount of control they have on our energy use.  Electricity makes up over a third of our footprint and a room’s occupant has control of up to 90% of the electricity used there.  So turning off and unplugging can make a big difference, especially when we all do our part.

Our actions on Sunday are also part of our energy campaign.  To date, we’ve saved almost 1,000 tons of carbon through our energy reduction efforts over the last 4 weeks.  We are looking for as many students as possible to help out with the effort on Sunday.  Anyone interested in obtaining supplies can come to our office in University Hall212.  We will also have supplies on hand at each quad and apartment office.

We’d love to hear about your participation so let us know what you’re doing and send us pictures at

Mary Ellen


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