Recycle your electronics

One of the more anticipated events on campus by faculty and staff is the annual electronics recycling collection event.  That day is almost upon us….. this Wednesday from 11 am to 3 pm, Elot recycling will be in the State Faculty parking lot to collect any old electronics you may have.   Personal property only, any state property needs to go through equipment management and recycled through the university.

The motto is “anything with a plug”.  Most items are free but there is a fee for TV’s ($35) and computer monitors ($7).  All hard drives will be wiped by the company but any personal information on cell phones or other devices should be removed prior to bringing the items to the event.  Also accepted are complementary electronic items such as computer disks, CD’s, VCR tapes, etc.

Any questions about the event should be directed to the office of environmental sustainability at 956-8120.

See you on Wednesday.

Mary Ellen


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