Sustainability week

Next week will be action packed with lots of sustainability tips and activities.   The UAlbany Sustainability Council has been working hard to put together a week full of events.  Each day will feature tabling in the LC concourse between 10 am and 4 pm.   Stop by to see the different exhibitors, enter raffles and try the bin shoot to win some prizes.  Lil’D will be by on Monday to calculate his carbon footprint.   Each evening there will be a movie at the quads (list below).  The week will wrap up with a discussion forum on Friday at 3 pm in University Hall 110.  Hear Professors Delano, Kleppel and Robinson along with our Energy Officer Indu discuss the ways they incorporate sustainability into their lives.

Here is the schedule of events listing each day’s theme and the groups tabling

Monday – Human Impact Day

Albany Country Stormwater Coalition

Cascades Recovery Systems

Campus Greens

Lil’ D doing his carbon footprint

Movie night: 7 pm Indian Quad penthouse, National Geographic Human Impact

Tuesday – Green Energy day

No luck here, just the sustainability group tabling

Movie night: 8 pm Tuscarora Conference room, Kilowatt Ours


Wednesday – Transportation day


Connect by Hertz

UAlbany Shuttle

Free raffle for an IPod!!

Movie night: 8 pm Colonial Quad penthouse, The Lorax

Thursday – Conservation day

Wow Green Now

Friends of the Pine Bush

Movie night: 8 pm State Quad penthouse, Ferngully

Any questions, contact the office at 956-8120


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