Recap of the spring

Wow, it was certainly an ambitious spring!  We held several programs that were so well received.  Below is a brief summary of some of the highlights:

Student Conference

The Sustainability Council did an amazing job putting together the Capital District’s first student sustainability conference.  Attendance was sold out and we had representatives from seven colleges.  Pictured at right are the co-chairs: Jonny Puglia, Hillary Closs and Chris Franklin.

YNN9 did a nice piece on it.  Here is the link:

Spring Awakening

We combined forces with our Employee Assistance Program to put on the Spring Awakening Event.  This combined the EAP wellness fair, a student sustainability fair, a farmer’s market and the clothing exchange for a great event.  The word has spread about the exchange with SA providing some much appreciated PR and a contest to encourage donations.  We exchanged twice the number of clothing pieces as last year!  We donated the remaining items to the City Mission and raised over $100 for them as well.  Our Communications and Marketing department did a great job helping us out with a green scavenger hunt leading up to the event day.

Shredding day

Every year the office sponsors a shredding day with EAP.  This year we shredded and recycled an amazing 15,000 pounds of paper!! That’s the equivalent of planting over 100 trees.

Give and Go

Our move out program, called the Give and Go, also saw record donations this year.  Res Life did a great job getting the word out to the residents and this really increased the number of items we collected.  You can see me at right picking some garbage out of our collection bin on State Quad.

I am very proud of all the hard work done by the council members this year and it’s amazing to see their growth.  I am also very excited about the way our campus is becoming much more conscious about their environmental responsibility.  I wish everyone a safe and restful summer.

Mary Ellen


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